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The album 'Ordeal' is a concept album. The theme of the album consists of the journey of a people that faces ongoing hardships and quests. The trials (ordeal) this people has to go through serves as an allegory for the search, suffering and resurrection that every human being and the human race in general has to go through in order to prevail. The lyrics therefore deal with topics like predestination, hope and perseverance.

The storyline starts with 'De Verschroeide Aarde' (The Scorched Earth), a desolate and barren place from which the journey begins. In 'Suffering Predestined' the people continue to battle the hostile elements and feel as if all hope is lost. 'Chronicle Of Kings' tells the tale from the perspective of the evil forces that hinder the people. The kings are the metaphor for the evil elements. In 'Heilland' the first signs of hope appear to the people. In their own dominion, Heilland, they seek to find peace and prosperity. 'Heil' is Dutch for welfare or salvation.

With 'Das Boot' the second part of the story starts. The boat takes them to their beloved place of shelter, although they still face the evil gods and elements. In the title track 'Ordeal' the grand finale takes place. For the first time the people take their fate into their own hands, no longer willing to submit to external forces. Even though it is still unknown where their journey will take them, from now on, they will shape their own future. 'Burst into oblivion...And Beyond' symbolizes the ongoing cycle of these events: mankind will never truly find eternal salvation, nor will their suffering be everlasting.


released May 1, 2005


all rights reserved



Fenris Almkerk, The Netherlands

Established in the Netherlands in 1997, Fenris has a long history of combining thunderous viking metal with scorching black/death metal. At times blindingly fast, sometimes atmospheric, but always melodic and dynamic. With strong roots in Nordic and Germanic mythology, and some of the lyrics in their mother tongue. ... more

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Track Name: De Verschroeide Aarde
in het leven van weleer
huist het beest der eon machten
alle stralen dalen neer
toont de hemel ons haar krachten
in dit godverlaten oord
wordt het zwaard nabij gekoesterd
van een bodem eens verdord
ontspringt het water nu verwoestend

over vlaktes
zwermt de pest
de wil gebroken
niets dat rest

geef mij uw zicht onder de hemel
als brandend licht schijnt de nevel
schepper van vuur doop mij in uw zee
voor al op aarde u verdreef

in het levenslicht
aanschouw, velen buigen neer
maak hen tot slaaf van de leer
als de gesel
hij, alziend, verstrikt in de zin
toorn van wrevel
verwoest de wereld met uw storm
zegen het oordeel alom

u gaf mij zicht onder de hemel
eens schepper van licht nu gehuld in nevel
Track Name: Suffering Predestined
Erase the prophecies untold
of a suffering predestined
no virtue of law
in this chaotic frenzy

"once on the throne, now the end of my reign
desolate thoughts on my future remain
thus weak and bereaved, I bow my head in shame"

blessings upon the ways of the martyr
no saviour is he, [who is] to perish alone

"once on the throne of my glorious past, it will come again
[for now it is time:]
in numbers unseen I shall seek my revenge
like storms form the north to sweep through your realm
the signs of your gods have forsaken thee?"

shrouded in seasonal darkness
shattered a history of faith
forlorn echoing the power
serenades of trivial space
Track Name: Chronicle Of Kings
grant us the strength - usurper
bestow the crown - of fury

the victors:

divine master mundane
let us shudder the earth
sprung under dust filled skies
your will proven stronger

redeemer from afar
lightening the dark
for you we ignite the fires of midgard

the king:

as the illness sweeps through me
the torment of lives I see
worshipper of stone and flesh
hear your silent god

the slime:

from the spiral flame reborn
the day of anger near
in our visions, place of shelter
the spirit is released
await our resurrection


under siege - we are the slaves of eden
trampled before - the throne of the obscene
Track Name: Heilland

uit de as herrezen
wederopstanding der ziel

gekomen en bevrijd
van dit juk
de gift van razernij
doet leven

zoals de hemel open viel

leidt ons heen
in den onbekende
[ons Heilland]

breng mij in vervoering door uw macht
dit is hel:

het vagevuur verlicht onze wegen
een reis van vrees, (een) leeg bestaan
een laatste schreeuw klinkt door de nederwereld
de roep van allen, snel vergaan

leidt ons heen
in den onbekende
[ons Heilland]

Ons Heilland is het gegevene land
leidt ons heen in den onbekende
naar ons Heilland
Track Name: Das Boot
My reign sweeps stronger
I come from the south
A rage unrivaled
Becomes our fate

Mystic signs of written words
They tell of quests unseen
Travelling through our different worlds

In the voight of sphere dimensions
Erups our ways of life

By the stars
Racked mindless souls
Your embers still mark my curse

We sail through stars up high
Aimless and starved

Why so starkened?
Beyond lies but slaughter
I am a curse stronger than all
I am the one reason to run
Blessed throughout times
In heavenly chimes
From darkened worlds
I'll soon disperse
Track Name: Ordeal
across the straight
through worship barricades
a sacrifice made
for bewildering renegades

lord help raise our swords untill the end

frozen lands
mark our boundaries
worship strands
to be left with treacheries

lord we await for thou wrath to be sent

no darkness shall form our doom
the restless born free, creatures of might they'll be

the way unknown is our ordeal
a fate surreal
the land now parched for us to cross
the purpose lost
sent off to the abyss
in time our state of bliss

wallow father
our fate is sealed

wallow mother
our fate we shape
Track Name: Burst Into Oblivion
The cold spawn
Stream of life
Fearsome mogul
Evoke the storm

Mournful servants
Spread thou seed
Creeping onward
Of dirt you'll feed

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